LisIT offers IT solutions for Business, web application development, microcontroller systems design and CAD constructions and trainings.

We develop web applications and microcontroller electronics solutions to improve, error-proof and simplify your Business. Wide Lean Six Sigma experience helps us to understand your requirements better and allows us to find process weak points. Delivered IT solution helps you to reduce waste (Muda)  and variation.

We develop software and microcontroller systems tailored for your requirements rather than try to fit your Business into our products.

We have started the business in 2006 as ‘Prelis Electronic’ in Germany. On the beginning company was focused on design, assembly and distribution of timegraphers – electronic devices used to measure and calibrate mechanical clocks (see project: Chronoskop). Over time, we have extended our activity to design of intelligent electronic systems based on microcontrollers.

After moving the business to Poland in 2015 we have expended our offer to web application development and other IT services.